Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Glacier portable mist system usually able to run before refilling the bladder?

The Glacier will run for a full hour, non-stop, without refilling or recharging. Since most customers use the mister off and on when they want to cool off (say, while laying by the pool), this should last you most of the day!


How much does the Glacier weigh?

Even with all of its powerful pump technology packed into the bag, Glacier still weighs just 4.8 pounds! Fill it up to capacity with 3 liters of water (that's enough to run for about an hour) and your Glacier will still weigh only about 10 pounds.


How much space is left over for my other things inside the Glacier Portable Mister bag?

Here's a picture of one of ours to answer that!  The pump and electrics take up very little space and are hidden under a covering on the bottom of the bag, as seen here.  All that is missing in this picture is the 3L bladder you can see in other pictures on the site- it only takes up another inch or two of the bottom of the bag when full, and it provides a nice flat surface to pack above!


I have a question that's not on this list. How can I get a hold of Glacier with questions?

Email us anytime at and we're happy to help you out!