Glacier Portable Mister - User Manual

Learn how to use your new Glacier Portable Mister! Get started with the video tutorial below, or find answers to your questions in our documentation further down. As always, feel free to email us at if your question isn't answered here.  Thanks!

Quick Start Video

Mister tour

As you look at your portable mister you will notice 4 separate compartments:

1. Left Compartment - Contains the misting flexible tubing and 2 misting nozzles.  

2. Center compartment - Contains the misting pump, secured to the bottom of the duffel bag. Also contains a 3 liter water bladder that is designed to lay over the top of the misting pump.

3. Right Compartment – Contains the power supply. The power cord is 8 feet long and can be plugged directly into a 12 volt power outlet (such as a cigarette lighter) or can be plugged into the battery pack via the adapter cord. The red push button built into the power adapter turns the unit on or off.

4. Front Compartment – Contains 2 magnets, 2 rubber coated ties, 2 velcro straps. The magnets, ties, and straps are used to secure the misting tube and nozzles.

Mister terms

Quick Start Guide

Filling the bladder

  1. Disconnect bladder from hose at bladder hose quick connect
  2. Remove filler cap and fill with water
  3. Replace filler cap, making sure there are no leaks
    • To improve operation, remove all air before tightening filler cap.
  4. Reconnect bladder hose to bladder quick connect, ensuring that it is not leaking
  5. Lay bladder into bag, making sure filler cap and quick connect are facing to the bottom of the bag
    • For best flow, filler cap should be laying on top of mister pump with quick connect at the opposite, lower end of bag
    • Make sure bladder hose is not kinked

Power Source

  1. Plug power cord directly into a 12-volt outlet or use the adapter cord to plug into the power pack (make sure the power pack is switched to the on position)
  2. Press the red push button to toggle mister on and off

Operating the mister

  1. The convenient power button allows you to manage and control the mist. Under most circumstances, you will not want the mist to run continuously. Use the button to manage your cooling and comfort.
  2. String the misting hose and position the nozzles however you want to ensure optimal coverage. Use the various mounting magnets and straps to secure the hose and nozzles.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the cool and comfort of your Glacier Portable Mister.

Helpful Hint: When you are done with the mister, disconnect bladder from hose at bladder quick connect and drain hose. Also remove brass mister nozzles and drain misting line, then replace nozzles. This will keep the duffel bag dry as you stow the misting line.


The pump is turning on but no mist is coming out

  • Check to make sure the bladder hose is not kinked
  • While the pump is running, carefully unscrew one of the brass nozzles until water is flowing then quickly screw nozzle back onto nozzle tee.
  • Mister nozzles can sometimes become clogged. Remove nozzle and tap lightly on a hard surface. If this does not work remove rubber o-ring and soak brass nozzle in white vinegar for at least 30 minutes.

No power to the power button

  • Ensure the power outlet has power to it
  • If using the power pack make sure it is turned on
  • Check fuse in the end of the power cord